Women's Events and Workshops 

The Events and Workshops are designed to connect like-minded women through facilitated sessions presenting aspects of leadership and personal development, communication techniques, mindfulness and self-awareness as an introduction to meaningful discussions on subjects which truly matter. 

The purpose of the events is to help participants improve the quality of their lives.


Next Event: 

Deliberate Planning and Living

Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

24 January 2019

Positive words from participants: 

“Deliberate Planning, Deliberate Living - Self Development Plan” Workshop enabled me to take charge of my life.  It empowered me to make some changes to give me a period of time to dedicate solely to completing a heartfelt project (my cookbook).  Without your insights I would not have had the courage or clarity on the decisions I needed to make. 
— Fiona Douglas
It was great to attend your EXCELLENT workshop on “Slow-er Living and Declutter” last night. I learnt a lot!  I really like your style of presenting the information and conducting the workshop. Also the vibe in the room with the other participants was particularly good last night. 
— Katia De Conto

About the Events


Learning & Discussion Forum: 

Each Women's Circle Workshop focuses on one topic of interest. Participants attend a presentation including researched concepts and ideas followed by suggested strategies and techniques to apply.  Participants are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences on a given topic, in a safe environment. Workbooks will be provided to accompany some of the sessions.  


Being present in the moment is essential to achieve what we want in life and career.  Whether it is building better relationships, communicating more effectively, achieving personal and professional goals, finding clarity and focus or improving the quality of life or career, mindfulness plays a vital part in its success. Mindfulness practices are often discussed in sessions, and being in the now forms part of the workshops' content. 

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Platform to ConnecT and NEtwork

 Participants will have the opportunity to connect with one another on the basis of their interests or expertise. Regular networking over some refreshments will be a great opportunity to re-connect with co-participants and meet new attendees.