Presentations and Keynotes

The following is the list of the signature programs. All the sessions incorporate aspects of emotional intelligence: self awareness and self regulation, relationship management, mindfulness and the most effective communication strategies to inspire progress in individuals, teams and organisations.


Utilising emotional intelligence to InfluencE & Negotiate effectively

This session presents the relevance of higher emotional intelligence - the ability to manage own and others’ emotions and rapport building for effective influencing. Whether you want to ask for help without feeling guilty; have better ideas on how things could be done more successfully; or you feel that if others made more effort, it would improve things for all, this program will help. It provides essential skills on how to motivate, persuade and influence others to get things done.


mindful Communication

The purpose of communication is to truly understand and connect with others just as much as it is to be understood. Instead of learning about different personality types and communication styles, we need to appreciate that all human beings want to be recognised - seen and heard. The most effective means to communicate is to be present, and not just present to respond appropriately, but be present with own thoughts, emotions and ideas. Join this session to learn what role mindfulness plays in regulating our behaviours and how we can direct and re-direct our attention to meet desired outcomes individually and in a team setting.


Self-Awareness and higher EQ in Leadership

This session presents a business case for developing higher self-awareness in leaders – a straightforward and honest understanding of own values, goals, strengths and emotions.   Developing higher self awareness enables better emotional regulation and understanding of others’ emotions and behaviours which in turn facilitate better relationships and communication.


compassionate leadership

There is a true value in compassion when managing others, and its benefits are evident for individuals, businesses and organisations. Compassion in leadership is utilised by exceptional leaders of global organisations to help them achieve outstanding results today. This session applies compassion to connect and communicate in the way, which is respectful in order to enforce difficult decisions and manage difficult conversations and people well.   


Other Programs and Workshops


  • implementing and sustaining behavioural change program

  • strategic and engagement planning session

  • self-development planning session

Please refer to Leadership Coaching Modules and Women’s Events & Workshops for more ideas on topics available.