Self-Esteem Mastery Program



The purpose of the Program is to develop healthy self-esteem in the four-part process of self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-confidence and resilience. The program consists of self-lead study modules accompanied by guided coaching.

Self-esteem is the overall positive feeling about yourself. It involves self-love, self-perception and self-regard. 

Self-confidence is the feeling about your capabilities in any given situation. It may change from one situation to the next. 

A person may have a healthy self-esteem but low confidence in certain situations. 


The Program 


Module 1: Self Understanding 

This Module helps you understand what you truly want out of life. What are the things which make you feel good about yourself and what are your areas for development. What is the most important to you? What stops you from living the life you want? Getting to know yourself from the perspective of own limitations will set you on the path to self-acceptance.  


Module 2: self acceptance 

How do you go after what you want despite fear, self-doubt and negative thoughts? In this Module you will learn to fully embrace everything about you and your life. In this process you will learn to accept all the aspects of yourself, which block and slow down your progress as well as the positive attributes of yourself, which you haven't been able to appreciate before.  


Module 3: Self Confidence 

Would you like to feel good about your capabilities in any circumstance, regardless of your actual skill set or experience? This Module will prepare you to approach any task or situation with confidence by helping you change the way you see things and think about events in your life.


Module 4: Resilience  

Adversity, trauma or misfortunate are all inevitable parts of life. In the light of such events we tend to lose self confidence, start doubting our worth and question our decisions. Everything we have learnt about ourselves and how to manage our states is also likely to diminish at this point. This Module provides tools to bounce back and regain lasting self-esteem.