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You may know now (from my previous posts or elsewhere) that our thoughts impact our emotions, and they in turn, our mood and experiences. 

How can we control our thoughts or, more specifically, how can we choose what thoughts we are thinking? 


Whatever you believe about your surrounding world, yourself and those around you, impacts your world.

We can see every situation from a numer of different perspectives, at least two. And whether we chose to see something from a negative or from a positive perspective determines our reality.

In other words - every experience is a choice.

There are of course extreme situations and circumstances, which disable ‘an easy’ choice, but even then it is possible. The examples of such are some of the survivors of Auswitz concentration camp, who through the choice of their thoughts, managed to sustain positivity or hope and survive the most atrocious experiences possible. 

How can we change our perspective to alter our reality? How can we get out of the race of negative thoughts in a seemingly hopeless situation?

Here is my list of tips: 

1.Shift your physical posture 

Open your chest, open your heart, take a few deep breaths, slow down your breath. Energise yourself by taking a brisk walk, run, dance or jump. 

2. Change your physical location 

If you are sitting, stand up and walk up to the window, look out. Move to a different location, walk outside. Sit in a spot you wouldn’t normally sit.. Do something different. Then talk it over with someone or.. 

3. Make it a unique or an exciting perspective 

When looking out the window, ask yourself ‘how would I see it if I was looking out the window in Paris?’ or ‘if I was looking down the hill in the mountains, how would this situation be like?’ 

4. See, smell, taste or touch something you don’t usually - make it unique 

Connect with your senses - use one you don’t usually connect with. Marvell on the sensation. Smell a new perfume, coffee beans, taste something new 

5. Ask yourself an empowering question such as: 

Once you have shifted your perspective and taken your attention away from the previous outlook, ask yourself one of the following questions: 

  • What is the opportunity in this situation? 

  • What could I/ am I meant to learn here? 

  • What would (insert the name of the person who inspires you most)  do now? 

  • What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? 

Use one or two of the above questions. Write your response. 

I am curious to know how this strategy works for you?