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Kasia Orlowska-Meinen

Hello! I’m Kasia. I am a Polish born, living in Australia citizen of the world. I am a mum to my 2.5 year-old sunshine girl, wife and a life enthusiast. For as long as I remember I have wanted to improve things for myself and others. I believe there is always another, better way to look at things, another perspective.

‘Kasia OM’, the brand emerged after 10 years in business and is a multifaceted consultancy delivering leadership and professional development, personal growth and connections via women’s network.  

I have delivered high quality leadership development training and executive coaching programs to private and public sector clients in Australia and internationally since 2009.  

In the corporate and public sectors I have worked with leaders and organisations providing emotional intelligence training, resilience, communication, influencing and persuading programs and helping organisations develop their cultures and desired behaviours by creating personal and professional values and visions alignment.

As part of my ‘Connect’ platform, I provide events and workshops, training and coaching programs for women, who through connections, growth and achievement of their most aspiring goals, positively influence their lives and those around them. Members have the option to undertake online training programs including: Mindfulness and Emotional Fitness Program as well as the opportunity to join a Mastermind Group program. 

My thoughts were my biggest enemy for many years until I understood how to control them. I have devoted a significant amount of time studying and understanding thought processes and emotions. I know today, that our greatest power lies in higher self-awareness, acceptance and mindfulness practices as well as the overall emotional intelligence. They are the fundamental building blocks of the most effective leadership and communication. In 2015 ABC TV interviewed me for their Australia Wide national broadcast to share the benefits of teaching mindfulness and meditation in a corporate environment for leadership and professional effectiveness. 

I am a graduate of Coaches Training Institute in London, hold a Neuro-Semantics and NLP Practitioner Certificate, a Bachelor of Education and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) and am an accredited coach of 360 Leadership Profiles.