Networking, Women Truly Connecting
6:00 PM18:00

Networking, Women Truly Connecting

Join us at this event dedicated solely to Networking. 


At this session you will: 

  • Network extensively with other like-minded women

  •  Experience how to create true connections 

  • Define what networking is… and what it is not

  • Learn top tips for the best networking experience 

  • Identify your elevator pitch 

And you will do it all in context of your own journey, reflecting on what you have achieved and where you would like to be in the future.

You will share your selected insights in a safe environment of amazing and supportive women.

You will experience tones of encouragement.



  • Learn the best ways to network 

  • Connect with like-minded, inspiring women 

  • Have the opportunity to make a great impression 

  • Reflect on your achievements and future aspirations 

  • Prepare your elevator pitch 

  • Discuss your role in the society, community and workplace 

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Celebrate + Network + Learn: "Games People Play"
6:00 PM18:00

Celebrate + Network + Learn: "Games People Play"

Join the Party:

  1. Celebrate International Women’s Day

  2. Network Over a Drink

  3. Talk Connections, Communication Styles and Roles we Assume in our Interactions


Workshop Part:

Games People Play

The Costs and Benefits of Honest Interactions in Business and Life

This workshop takes a practical view on human connections, intentions and desired outcomes in communication. 

  • In the social media area, is it easier or more difficult to connect with others? 

  • What does it mean to be connected? 

  • In communication, what do we intend to convey and does it come across the intended way? Why or why not? 

  • What roles do we assume in interactions and is it always the same role? What influences it? 

  • What is the one thing we all need to be doing more of in order to communicate effectively,  and yet we often forget? (it is not listening) 

  • In the multicultural world we live in, what is it that we need to consider to speak the same language? 

  • Finally what are those games we play? Is it all worth it or perhaps there is another way? 

And the ultimate question:

  • How do we need to communicate to make our lives happier and easier? 

Join us at this workshop to find answers to the above questions and learn:

  • about different communication styles 

  • how to set boundaries and say "no"

  • to embrace assertiveness 

  • to ask for what you need with confidence

  • deal with manipulation and passive aggressive behaviour 

If you struggle to tell people what you truly think and feel, or if others often overstep your boundaries, join us!


  • communicate effectively and without fear 

  • convey your message clearly and non-offensively 

  • improve your personal and romantic relationships 

  • improve your professional interactions 

  • recognise your own BS and decide when to play and when not to play 

  • communicate effectively in multicultural world you live in 


  • connect with other women and hear their views on the subject, get inspired

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Deliberate Planning & Living - Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet
6:00 PM18:00

Deliberate Planning & Living - Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Do you find that many of your 'plans' stay in your dreams and are not realised?

Despite your big efforts and a lot of energy put into it, you still don’t manage to achieve your big goals?

Or perhaps you set goals and then come February you give up on them as life and previous routine takes over?

If any of these is true about you, join us for this session to learn:

  • How to set heartfelt and meaningful goals

  • To change your perspective where it’s required to reach your desires

  • What makes you tick, what get’s you up in the morning and helps you feel fulfilled

  • Elevate your true values and purpose to the forefront of your existence and use as the foundation, on which your personal and professional life is built

  • Become clear on your priorities, say ‘no’ to time-wasters and become unstoppable in achieving what you truly desire.

  • Learn how to set your specific, measurable, achievable and time-lined goals.

This workshop is an upgraded version from the previous 2018 Deliberate Planning, Deliberate Living session, and is suitable for anyone who’s attended before.

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SPECIAL EVENT: "The Power of Feminine Success"
6:00 PM18:00

SPECIAL EVENT: "The Power of Feminine Success"

Welcome to the Power of Feminine Success Workshop

and Inauguration of Women Change Makers CLub

How can women achieve true personal and professional success because of and not despite of being women? 

Join us to tap into your feminine power, connect with your heart, your intuition and your inner confidence to become unstoppable in creating the desired life and career. 

This co-facilitated workshop with a guest speaker, an award winning author and coach, explores the essence of the feminine success and presents the Expansion Game method, which has already helped thousands of women around the world to be more clear, confident and impactful.

We all have deep needs, desires and mission to fulfil. And in the midst of our busy lives we often put our deepest yearnings on the side, while giving attention to work, family and other priorities. Our dreams often remain untapped. 

The two expert facilitators will explore what it takes for us women to thrive without compromising on who we are. 


  • Connect with a Tribe of Change Making Women

  • Get Inspired 

  • Deepen your Self-Respect and Self-Love 

  • Reconnect with Incredible Power within You

  • Use The Expansion Game Method to turn your Fears into Success

  • Apply your Intuition to get more Clarity in your Personal and Professional Life 

  • Experience “AHA” moments

  • Learn what you Need to Succeed Right Now 

Who Is It For:

  • Change Makers

  • Women with a Mission, Thought Leaders, Trail Blazers

  • Leaders within Businesses

  • Personal Development Enthusiasts

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Mothers Juggling Priorities

  • Women wanting to Connect and find their Tribe

Price $49 Including:

  • Workshop Participation

  • Training Materials

  • Networking with Inspiring Women

  • Refreshments

  • Bonus: The Successful Heart Program CD

  • Opportunity to Join and Co-create Women Change Makers Club

  • Opportunity to win free 6-month membership for the Women Change Makers Club

About the Presenters:

side profile new .jpg

Hi! I am Kasia Orlowska-Meinen. You may know me from one of Kasia OM’s women circle events or online and coaching programs I deliver.

I have worked with individual and corporate clients for almost a decade now facilitating leadership development and coaching sessions in Australia and internationally. I am a  behavioural change specialist and advocate for a lasting change through self-growth and higher self-awareness, fear free. 

I have worked with organisational clients and delivered sessions at large leadership conferences for women. 

I am now delighted to be sharing my life journey and expertise in a co-facilitated workshop: The Power of Feminine Success

I will be sharing the stage with a phenomenal woman, a true change maker, who turned her life around utilising the methods she will now share with you during this workshop! 


I am delighted to introduce the guest speaker Gosia Gorna from London, who will share with us her life changing method The Expansion Game.

This method will help you change your fears into success. 

Gosia has used this technique with leaders, teams and with large audiences at National Conferences in the United Kingdom.

Gosia Gorna is an award winning transformational coach, speaker and author of the best-selling book ‘The Expansion Game’. 

In the past 20 years, Gosia has helped thousands of leaders and change makers to find greater clarity, make outstanding decisions and be more impactful. 

the-expansion-game-book-gosia-gorna-500x500 copy.png

Many change makers have a great mission to share however they get blocked by their fear of not being good enough, fear of being criticised and being found out as a fraud. Gosia's technique makes them more confident, clear and impactful and allows them to do what they are here to do.

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How to Manage Power Struggles and Communicate Constructively?
7:00 PM19:00

How to Manage Power Struggles and Communicate Constructively?

We have all found ourselves overwhelmed, overpowered or talked over at least once in our private or professional lives. It has been notoriously experienced by women in private relationships as well as in boardrooms, offices and teams where other women may also dominate. 

How can we communicate constructively?

And more importantly, how can we build relationships so that we feel respected and heard instead of being ignored or shut down?   


Join this session and learn:

  • What comes first, before even a relationship or communication?
  • The role of good rapport in communication
  • How to build a strong professional relationship with a colleague we wouldn’t be naturally friends with? 
  • How to respond to nasty remarks – what to say and what not to say? 
  • How to communicate a difficult message to a colleague or a client in an effective way?
  • What’s the difference between assertive and aggressive communication? 
  • How to make a decision whether to address a problem or let it go
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Mindful Communicator. How to truly understand and connect with others?
7:00 PM19:00

Mindful Communicator. How to truly understand and connect with others?

It is not the knowledge of different personality types or communication styles that enable effective communication. It is the appreciation that all human being want to be seen, heard and understood.  

Being present not only allows for honesty and openness in conversations. It allows us to recognise our own emotions and emotional reactions of others in order to apply the right response. 


Join the session to learn: 

  • the relevance of mindfulness for effective communication
  • how to respond rather than react even in the most stressful situations
  • specific strategies on how to improve the way you communicate
  •  implement the best strategies to build trust, rapport and connection with others effortlessly
  • mindful practices and select the most suitable ones to improve your interactions with others 



  • Practical activities - There will be some practical activities to practice connecting with others 
  • Workbooks  and notes will be provided 


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'Slow-er Living' - Declutter for Effective Time & Energy Management
7:00 PM19:00

'Slow-er Living' - Declutter for Effective Time & Energy Management

This session brings together concepts of Slow Movement, Mindfulness techniques and the best time and self-management practices. 


If you have ever wondered: 

What you need to stop and start doing to achieve your short and long-term goals?

What you need to be doing to love yourself and your life more? 

 How does mindfulness actually contribute to a balanced life? 

...then this session is for you! 



Join this workshop to learn: 

  • How to live mindfully 
  • How to say 'no' to clutter (not just physical stuff) and simplify your life 
  • How to prioritise and manage time effectively 
  • How to deal with your saboteur - negative self talk 
  • How to generate and sustain positive energy within and around you 
  • How to recognise your emotions which block your in-balance living 
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Deliberate Planning, Deliberate Living: Create Your Self-Development Plan for 2018 and beyond
7:00 PM19:00

Deliberate Planning, Deliberate Living: Create Your Self-Development Plan for 2018 and beyond

Do you find that many of your 'plans' stay in your dreams and are not realised?

Self Development Plan is a process which consists of establishing what's the most important to you, what skills and strengths you already posses to accomplish what you desire, and what you need to develop to help you achieve your goals. At the final stage of the Self Development planning process you construct a detailed Action Plan. 

Join this workshop and: 


  • Bring some order and structure to your every day thinking.


  • Bring forth what you desire, elevate your true values and purpose to the forefront of your existence and use as the foundation, on which your personal and professional life is built.


  • Become clear on your priorities, say ‘no’ to time-wasters and become unstoppable in achieving what you truly desire.


  • Learn how to set your specific, measurable, achievable and time-lined goals.


  • And finally, learn to hold yourself accountable to persevere and put those steps into action from day one.


Join this highly practical workshop and leave with your own Action Plan in hand.


Importantly, registrations for this session close on 1 February 2018 to allow you time to reflect on the most important component of the planning process prior to the session: what do you really want in your life and career.

One week before the session you will receive workbook materials to evaluate your own purpose, vision, values and inner drivers. You will need to bring your responses with you to the session on 8 February.

Register today:

-  one person registration $40.

-  bring a friend and save - two people $70. 


The cost includes:

  •  All training materials
  • Your own Action Plan
  • Pre-workshop consultation on your pre-work
  • Workshop participation on 8 February  


Who is it for: 

  • Ladies in transition - in between jobs or careers 
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs 
  • Mothers juggling work, life and 'me' time 
  • New mothers and women in life changing circumstances  
  • Women seeking self-expression or more  life 'on purpose' 
  • Women wanting extra income or excitement 
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Authentic Power. How to Achieve Authenticity, Flow and Abundance in Life and at Work?
7:00 PM19:00

Authentic Power. How to Achieve Authenticity, Flow and Abundance in Life and at Work?

Authenticity. We hear the word a lot: Authentic Leadership. Authentic Behaviour. Authentic Conversations.

There is no other person like you, but what does it mean to be truly authentic? What does it require from you? And what are the costs and benefits of being authentic?

Whether you need more courage, reassurance or confidence, this session will help you understand that the best person you can be, the person who will truly achieve all you want and feel great about it, is your unique self. 


  •  Is authenticity the way to achieve truly fulfilling life? If not, what is? 


  • What is Authentic Power?


  •  Authenticity and being in the Flow – how the two concepts support each other?


  • Authentic society and workplace – how to inspire required changes? 


  • Challenges and opportunities of being authentic beyond self.


  • How Authenticity fuels Abundance?


 Join us for the next Women’s Circle Workshop and find out the answers to these questions and more. 

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Fear of Failure. Fear of Success. What Do We Actually Fear & How to Overcome It?
7:00 PM19:00

Fear of Failure. Fear of Success. What Do We Actually Fear & How to Overcome It?

Fear motivates to action just as much as it prevents us from undertaking it.

As a consequence of fear, we are often motivated to move away from danger or problems more than we are motivated towards doing something good.

We are often paralysed by fear of failure and that disturbs taking risks, believing in ourselves or trying new things.


  • Fear of success is what’s referred to as another restriction of progress. What is it that we are afraid of really?


  • Is what we are afraid of nowadays real or is it perceived? And if it is perceived what is it that we ‘see’ that we are so afraid of?


  • What’s the antidote to fear? What’s the opposite of it? How to tap into the fear-cure and get rid of fear once and for all?


  • What can we do to be happy, content, joyous, fulfilled on more regular basis? How to get rid of irrational fears?

Join us at this breakthrough session and find out the answers to all those questions and more. Learn which fears paralyse and need to be avoided, and which fears motivate and push us forward.  Learn how to conquer your fears of failure or success so that you can regain your confidence to achieve what you want.

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How to Get Your Voice Be Heard and Matter
7:00 PM19:00

How to Get Your Voice Be Heard and Matter

It is our innate need to be seen, heard, to be recognised. We all have something to say, to contribute, to share ideas. And all we often want is be given the attention without judgement and with consideration. For whatever reason we struggle to receive it....Or so we think?

Is it others' behaviour, their strong presence in meetings that dis-courage our contribution? Or perhaps it's our lack of self-belief that what we have to say or the position we hold - either way - is of value? 

Join us to share your perspective and discuss how to change the self-perception, build appreciation for own contribution and explore how to influence others, if they need to be influenced, to start perceiving yourself and your roles differently. 


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