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SPECIAL EVENT: "The Power of Feminine Success"

  • Vivacious Living Centre 9a Riseley Street Applecross, WA, 6153 Western Australia (map)

Welcome to the Power of Feminine Success Workshop

and Inauguration of Women Change Makers CLub

How can women achieve true personal and professional success because of and not despite of being women? 

Join us to tap into your feminine power, connect with your heart, your intuition and your inner confidence to become unstoppable in creating the desired life and career. 

This co-facilitated workshop with a guest speaker, an award winning author and coach, explores the essence of the feminine success and presents the Expansion Game method, which has already helped thousands of women around the world to be more clear, confident and impactful.

We all have deep needs, desires and mission to fulfil. And in the midst of our busy lives we often put our deepest yearnings on the side, while giving attention to work, family and other priorities. Our dreams often remain untapped. 

The two expert facilitators will explore what it takes for us women to thrive without compromising on who we are. 


  • Connect with a Tribe of Change Making Women

  • Get Inspired 

  • Deepen your Self-Respect and Self-Love 

  • Reconnect with Incredible Power within You

  • Use The Expansion Game Method to turn your Fears into Success

  • Apply your Intuition to get more Clarity in your Personal and Professional Life 

  • Experience “AHA” moments

  • Learn what you Need to Succeed Right Now 

Who Is It For:

  • Change Makers

  • Women with a Mission, Thought Leaders, Trail Blazers

  • Leaders within Businesses

  • Personal Development Enthusiasts

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Mothers Juggling Priorities

  • Women wanting to Connect and find their Tribe

Price $49 Including:

  • Workshop Participation

  • Training Materials

  • Networking with Inspiring Women

  • Refreshments

  • Bonus: The Successful Heart Program CD

  • Opportunity to Join and Co-create Women Change Makers Club

  • Opportunity to win free 6-month membership for the Women Change Makers Club

About the Presenters:

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Hi! I am Kasia Orlowska-Meinen. You may know me from one of Kasia OM’s women circle events or online and coaching programs I deliver.

I have worked with individual and corporate clients for almost a decade now facilitating leadership development and coaching sessions in Australia and internationally. I am a  behavioural change specialist and advocate for a lasting change through self-growth and higher self-awareness, fear free. 

I have worked with organisational clients and delivered sessions at large leadership conferences for women. 

I am now delighted to be sharing my life journey and expertise in a co-facilitated workshop: The Power of Feminine Success

I will be sharing the stage with a phenomenal woman, a true change maker, who turned her life around utilising the methods she will now share with you during this workshop! 


I am delighted to introduce the guest speaker Gosia Gorna from London, who will share with us her life changing method The Expansion Game.

This method will help you change your fears into success. 

Gosia has used this technique with leaders, teams and with large audiences at National Conferences in the United Kingdom.

Gosia Gorna is an award winning transformational coach, speaker and author of the best-selling book ‘The Expansion Game’. 

In the past 20 years, Gosia has helped thousands of leaders and change makers to find greater clarity, make outstanding decisions and be more impactful. 

the-expansion-game-book-gosia-gorna-500x500 copy.png

Many change makers have a great mission to share however they get blocked by their fear of not being good enough, fear of being criticised and being found out as a fraud. Gosia's technique makes them more confident, clear and impactful and allows them to do what they are here to do.