Connecting the Dots

Helping Women Achieve the Unachievable

What is ‘Connecting the Dots’?

A membership organisation for women worldwide who through connection, growth and achievement of their most significant goals, positively influence their lives and those around them. Membership Options include:


To connect meaningfully with an international community of like-minded and inspiring change makers advising, supporting and learning from one another. 


To grow personally and professionally, and expand awareness of yourself and others, required to become more present, intuitive, fearless and empowered.


To achieve the unachievable in your mind goals and desires, become empowered in your endeavours and gain clarity of your own role and contribution in the world. 

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Our vision:

To empower women worldwide, through a tribe, an international community and a bank of experts, who rely on each other for support and guidance to achieve the unachievable.