Your Best Self Series Program



Custom-designed set of 7 Training Modules accompanied by 7 Coaching sessions at an additional cost. 

Training Modules: From self-understanding to honest and fulfilling relationships, each training module presents a set of activities designed specifically to identify and address your restraining challenges and grow you to fulfil you

Coaching: Each training module is then supported by one hour coaching session where you partner with your coach to address any challenges emerging in your life at this point equally to the challenges as a result of the learning from the modules. 


The Modules


  • You want to understand yourself better - your values, drivers, strengths and limitations 

  • You want to learn how to manage yourself, your emotions and thoughts more effectively 

  • You want to respond more appropriately in crisis or challenging interactions 

  • You want to develop a more concise action plan for your career or work and life 

  • You know you are not at your best and feel there is something holding you back 

  • You struggle accepting your reality and are often fighting against it

  • You want to understand others better 

  • You want to build solid relationships with stakeholders, family, friends 

  • You want to up skill and the topics are of interest and benefit to you