Simplify and Focus

Simplify and Focus

I have learnt that only by acting we learn what we really want just as much as we learn what we do not want. As a lifelong learner I am exploring some of the concepts, which help me take meaningful and deliberate actions now. Here are two ideas, which dance well together. And like with ying and yang, the presence of one elicits the existence of the other: Simplicity and Focus.  

Deliberate Planning, Deliberate Living (in 2018 and beyond)

If you'd like to bring some order and structure to your thinking, bring forth what you desire, elevate your true values and purpose to the forefront of your existence, become clear on your priorities, say ‘no’ to time wasters and become unstoppable in achieving what you truly desire, then this post and upcoming workshop on Deliberate Planning is for you. 


5 Ways to Raise, Sustain and Protect Your Energy.

The more energy I have and the more optimistic outlook on things, the easier it is for me to overcome challenges. So what’s the trick? Let me walk you through the three stages of raising, sustaining and then protecting your energy.