Mini-Training Series Part 2 (of 3): Prioritising an Self Accepting

You cannot possibly attend to everything that grabs your attention. At least, not all at once. You can gradually get there by prioritising on what has to be attended to first, second…last. 
You also need to learn to actually say ‘no’ to certain things and be okay with that.

Say ‘no’ to get-togethers, to latest craze, to doing what everyone else does.

Why don’t we say ‘no’ more often then? 
It is because saying ‘yes’ is the best way we know how to find acceptance. 
As social creatures we require social proof. We cannot however rely solely on external acceptance.
We usually seek acceptance outside of ourselves, from others as we don’t know how to self-accept.

Self Acceptance
It is the prerequisite of effective prioritising…. AND of self-esteem.
The more self-accepting you are, the easier it is to prioritise – to choose what to invest time and energy into
as well as
The more self-accepting you are, the better you feel about yourself, you feel enough despite failures and mistakes.   

How to achieve self-acceptance?
I will cover it in the next post in this series.