Let's Talk About Fear. Why Should You Join the Discussion?

Everything we will ever truly want to achieve will have some fear associated with it.


The more we care about something, the more we worry about its outcome. 


If failure or success didn’t mean as much to us as they do, people would not be so scared of it as they would not have so much to lose.


We don’t fear the failure or success itself.  We fear what MEANING we attach to that thing we want to achieve. 


Ask yourself:  

What would it mean to you to make a fool of yourself in a room full of people you admire?


What would it mean to you to get the dream job?


Whatever the meaning is, it will be aligned with what you really want to achieve. For everyone the meaning is different and it is based on our values, needs, our life experiences. 


Getting rid of the attachment to an outcome, which I talked about in the July blog post is one of the strategies to overcome fear. But that’s not all.


Fear provides opportunities.


Despite the fact that many of us fear the fear, its presence is a sign that we are about to move outside our comfort zone and embark on a new territory: change our life in some way, improve the conditions or change ourselves. And that is exciting.


We always have a choice about how to deal with fear, too.  We can choose to face it, conquer it or stop fighting it and accept its presence.


Fear Can Empower

At the last Women’s Circle event we talked about power which we all posses.

If used correctly and for the right reasons, power can shift things not only in our lives, but also in the lives of others.

We can empower ourselves by recognising the contribution we can make in others’ lives, the responsibility we have for the planet, the capacity to give back and serve the world. All of these can be achieved  by empowering ourselves and connecting with the antidote to fear.  Come to next Women’s Circle event and find out what that antidote is. 


Benefits of Attending the Next Women's Circle: Fear of Failure. Fear of Success. What do We Fear and How to Overcome It? 


Join us and:  

  • Share your experiences and perspective on fear


  • Find out how fear can be useful and what it can teach us about ourselves


  • Learn strategies on how to overcome fear once and for all


  • Uncover how to build confidence to face fear


  • Learn how to recognise helpful and unhelpful fears


Registrations are now Open, there is a limited number of places available.

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