3 Layers of Financial Abundance

It wasn’t until I made the connection between self-worth and net-worth that I realised what abundance is all about. Last time I wrote about abundance of love formula, which forms one of the layers of financial abundance. Here is my take on the subject. 

The energy we put into work from the perspective of abundance is very different from the energy we put in when we don’t have the money and we have to work. The perspective is then that of lack, neediness and desperation.

What’s important to note here is that: 

It’s not how much we actually have, it's how we feel about what we have that makes us abundant.   

If we have thousands, but feel that it is not enough, we will be approaching business, work and life from the perspective of neediness rather than abundance.

The bottom line is that we have to determine what’s enough to feel abundant and then from the position of gratitude approach any task, activity, interaction….life.  Whether we actually are wealthy is irrelevant.

How to achieve Financial Abundance? 

3 Layers of Financial Abundance


1. Ensure that you always have enough


If you overspend on things you don’t really need and consequently are left with not enough, then next time you get to work, you are likely to be in need and desperation.  

If, on the other hand, your spending habits still allow you to feel good about what you used and what is left, then you are in the abundance mindset.

When in this mindset, you are more likely to work because you love what you do, you love to share with others and contribute. Here, you still get what you want, but at a different level to that of neediness and egocentric gain.

How about answering the two questions: 


Is prioritising to ensure you only spend on what you really need all you have to do?

How to not overspend when you constantly feel you need more or you need to treat yourself?

If your answers are "don't know" or "not sure", keep reading... 



2. Identify what your deepest basic need(s) are


Overspending happens as we constantly try to satisfy our basic needs.

The money spending may be the only avenue we know how to achieve temporary relief.

The only way forward to find lasting fulfilment and not have a constant desire for more and more is a) to know what our basic need or needs are and then b) approach satisfying them from another perspective/level.

What’s that perspective/level?


3. Aim to feel you are already enough…and more


Satisfying our basic needs provides only temporary relief. We need to be thinking about the bigger picture and larger benefits to others and the world to find permanent satisfaction.

The only way to have abundance is to feel abundant, wealthy, fulfilled, enough and whole.

By experiencing wholeness rather than emptiness, we minimise the need to spend unnecessarily. We are grateful for what we already have and focus on getting more, this time from the perspective of joy, pleasure of giving, working for the betterment of others and for the sake of having fun.

To achieve the feeling of already being and having enough, follow the  6 Step Abundance of Love Formula 


Action Point:


  • Keen to identify what your basic needs are?


  • Want to know what stops you from achieving your greatest potential?


  • Do you feel that there is more you want to give but don't know how to bring it forth? 


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