5 Mindfulness Strategies

Staying focused on one task at a time or bringing our attention to the present moment over and over again are just a couple of practices to achieve mindfulness.

The benefits of the practice of paying attention to the present moment deliberately and non-judgementally are undeniable.


How to achieve the state of presence in the moment?


1. Regular Pause between activities  


Pausing isn’t just stopping a task before commencing another one. It is actually switching off thinking, deliberating, chatter and emotional attachment to the past activity.  It is creating a space between what has been and what is to be. It is what Dr Adam Fraser calls the Third Space (also the title of this book).


We achieve that by…


2. Bringing Attention to own Senses


When we focus on what we can hear, smell, taste or touch in any given moment, our attention is diverted away from thinking.

Whether we want to pause between activities or simply stop the continuous chatter, we can achieve that by bringing our attention to what we can hear or smell in the space we are in. Fully focusing on the sense of touch by, for example bringing our attention to our body touching the chair we are sitting on, is probably the fastest way to distract self-talking.


3. Connecting with Breath


Following the path of our breath entering nostrils and traveling down to the lungs and back out again equally diverts the attention away from thinking and allows us to fully focus on what is.  There are a number of auditory as well as visual applications available for download. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.


4. Counting to 10


An object such as mantra or counting, which we can clearly hear and see as we repeat it continuously in our heads is a meditation technique. Here, counting to 10 can be a distractor in a challenging situation, a method of calming down or controlling heightened emotions.


5. Connecting with nature


Probably the best way to utilise our sense of sight is by connecting with nature. Trees, plants, ocean and river are forever present and still. Nature has its way of reminding us of the true beauty in the present moment, in every moment. Observation allows us to distract our thoughts and just be. Connecting with the surroundings also reminds us to connect with our breath. 


Action Point:

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