Why Do I Subscribe To Slower Living?

Living in a slow motion, deliberately, as I like to call it, or on purpose, is not the most obvious choice of life, but it certainly is the most rewarding. And with the right tools and realisations, it certainly is possible.

I have been practicing mindfulness for a while now. And Slow Movement has resonated with me as it has allowed me to think, make decisions and undertake actions in line with my values and declutter what’s unnecessary. 


Slow living has less to do with the speed and more with the intention


To me that deliberate way of life is the next step up from self-understanding. It requires you to centre your life around that, which is the most important.


What has slower, mindful and centred-around-my-values life given me?


  • It has allowed me to focus only on those things, which are the most important, and eliminate those which are not.


  • It has encouraged me to be honest – with myself and others about what I will or can do and what I will not do.  


  • It has allowed me to complete 'important, but not urgent' tasks on my schedule - we usually leave these type of activities to the last and hardly ever get to them. Now they form part of my every day life. The activities such as meditation, quality time with my partner, with my daughter, reading, writing and creating for a living, being in nature, yoga, connecting with others all form a part of my everyday routine. It is a choice, and conversely I choose not to engage in things, which have no benefit and recognise them as part of an escape mechanism from taking responsibility for my life. 


  • I get to practice being the best version of myself, enriching my understanding of self and others every day.


  • I see value and benefit to myself as much as others in saying ‘no’ and doing it without guilt or a need to apologise.  


Are there any struggles or obstacles on the way?


Sure! Many.

The last couple of months have been hectic with unexpected assignments and work, my husband’s extremely busy period at work and long days juggling motherhood of my 1.5 year-old daughter and my work plus some other pressing matters. 

The everyday chores are inevitable, long days happen to everyone. The importance lies in what activities we choose to increase the quality of our life, especially in those times  -  what we do to nourish and nurture ourselves?

I chose such activities deliberately, I communicate with those who are affected and I am certain of what my 'why', my 'non-negotiables', my 'must-haves' are and I place them at the centre of my life…whenever I can. 


Want to Know More? 

If you are interested in learning more, join us at the next Women's Circle Workshop: 'Slower Living: Declutter for Effective Time & Energy Management' on 22 March. You can register here