5 Ways to Raise, Sustain and Protect Your Energy.

Being energised is the key to flourishing, at least in my world.

Following the mantra that: It is not what happens to us, it is how we respond that matters, I believe that what distinguishes a great day from a so-so or a really unpleasant day, is the level of energy I operate from.  

The more energy I have and the more optimistic outlook on things, the easier it is for me to overcome challenges.

So what’s the trick?

Let me walk you through the three stages of raisingsustaining and then protecting your energy.


Raising Energy Levels


1. Connect with Others


There is certain magic between people, an unseen ray of light and a flow of energy when we truly connect with others – heart to heart.

It can be achieved by a simple ‘hello’ in the morning, a smile or a chit chat.

When we truly connect with others in the space we share with them in that moment, with care, genuine interest and love, we experience the feeling of being a part of something bigger and we also feel bigger and more energised ourselves.

The true connection is less about the words exchanged  - it’s not about the polite 'how are you?', and it is more about the intention to give to others a little bit of what we have. 



2. Appreciate and be Grateful for Simplest Things


I have talked about gratitude before as I believe it to be THE key prerequisite of joyous and loving life.

It has been my experience though, that when I am under a dark cloud, it is really difficult for me to be grateful for the very things I wish I had more of, or for the things I already have. I may say or think the words, but they don’t truly resonate.

If on the other hand, I focus on my senses and use them to connect with people in a verbal (hello) or visual (smile) form OR if I listen to the sound of water, the sound of wind or the birds and say to myself, in that moment how grateful I am for THAT, I instantly create space for more gratitude, for more complex things in my life to come. 



Sustaining Your Higher Energy


3. Ask yourself the right type of questions


When annoyed with someone, ask yourself:

  • How can I see this person or situation differently?
  • What would their intention be if I believed it was done with love?

Remember that every situation can be looked at from at least two opposite perspectives. Always try to choose the one, which serves you better.


4. Check-in With Yourself on regular basis


Mindfulness is foundational to my work as it relates to so many aspects of our grown and development.

The regular pause throughout the day not only allows you to approach each activity refreshed and rebooted, but it also allows you to check-in with yourself and determine how you are being (feeling positive, energised, empowered or negative, annoyed, frustrated) in this moment?

If you are angry, frustrate, fearful or jealous, I suggest you find something to be grateful for there and then.  As pointed out at the beginning, make it about something small and obviously occurring in your environment first.


happy women .jpg

It's not what happens to you, it's how you respond that matters 


Protecting Your Energy Level


5. Be non-judgemental and emotionally Free from Others' story


A friend and a fellow coach and I have been discussing this matter the other day. In our profession not only is it important to stay focused and clear on the desired outcomes, it is also important to be non-judgemental.

It occurred to me that the non-judgement is also the key to protecting our energy when interacting or communicating with others.

We are best off if we simply stay away from having an opinion about the story, a situation or a person. The way to achieve is to always remember that there is at least one more perspective possible. 

So often we get caught up in other's story and feel the need to relate by providing examples or references from our own life. Not only is that not true compassion, it actually does not leave us in a positive emotional state afterwards.

The reason why we actually take on other people’s stories is because we want to connect. The thing is though that we can only, truly relate if something similar happened to us. We are then  triggered by someone else's story, which is not a good thing. 

True compassion means to truly listen, connect by giving love, energy and support, and not make it about ourselves.

The solution then in situations when we feel drained by someone’s negative energy is to try to be non-judgemental. Look at the facts and the story or the presented information with curiosity, instead.

We need to separate their circumstance from our own journey.

And obviously, the more our own challenges are resolved, the easier it is to relate and be compassionate, and not judgemental or triggered.  


Your TIME TO TAKE Action:


1. Resolve Your Triggers:

The less triggered you are by others' stories, the more  you can truly hear them, be compassionate and non-judemental. And most importantly, protect you positive energy.

  • Do you find yourself sucked into others' world?
  • Do you end up being drained out of your energy and more annoyed afterwards?
  • Do stories of others evoke your own negative story?

 If you need help resolving your challenges, so that you stop being triggered, I can help you with that. Send me a note and let me know specifically what you are at.  


2. Give those strategies a go!

Write the above 5 strategies on a Post-it Note and stick on your desktop or your mirror and try to implement one at a time. I guarantee improvement to how you feel about your day and your life.

Let me know how you go. Would love to hear your thoughts and progress. 


3. Connect with other like-minded women

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